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Mobility Lifts (stairlifts, vertical lifts, incline lifts) 

1. ORDER CANCELLATION/RETURN POLICY.  All sales are final.  No cancellation and/or return of order will be accepted once payment has been received and order has been processed. Order is considered 'processed' once the manufacturer has initiated processing or has placed an order with their vendors for parts necessary to complete/manufacture order. We may, at our discretion, choose to grant a refund request if the order has not yet been processed and/or shipped. In such cases, the refund would be subject to a 3% transaction fee for both the purchase and the refund transaction for a total transaction fee of 6%. If shipment is refused upon attempted delivery without our expressed written consent, a 20% restocking fee and return shipping fee will be imposed on any refund. Additionally, the original shipping fee will not be refunded.

2. INSTALLATION - Legacy II Stairlift.  The Legacy II stairlift is sold for self-installation only. Discount Mobility Store does not offer professional installation services for this product. Customer is responsible for following the written instructions provided by the manufacturer when installing the stairlift. Customer is responsible for following all local codes and laws governing the installation of a stairlift. Customer may choose to hire a 3rd party contractor to install the stairlift, however, Discount Mobility Store assumes no responsibility for any 3rd party installation errors and any consequences, such as user injury, that may result from improper installation. Customer assumes all responsibility for installing the stairlift properly according to the manufacturer's written instructions found in the installation manual provided and for following all local codes and laws governing the installation of a stairlift, whether they use a 3rd party contractor or not. Customer may call the manufacturer for technical assistance by calling the tech support line at 877.378.4275. Tech support is provided over the phone only.

2b. Installation - Harmar Pinnacle. Professional installation by a certified Harmar installer is included with the purchase of a Harmar Pinnacle stairlift. A one year service contract is included with installation. Customer should contact the installer for any technical issues that may arise while still under the one-year service contract term. Once the service contract term has expired, customer should contact Harmar tech support at 800-833-0478 for any technical support issues. Customer is responsible for providing accurate stairway measurements when placing an order. Discount Mobility Store is not responsible for any additional charges incurred due to inaccurate stairway measurements, including, but not limited to, additional installation fees, additional rail length charges, etc. The purchase price for the Harmar Pinnacle does not include additional charges that may occur for permitting, electrical work, or any other site modifications that may be necessary. Requests for order cancellation are subject to our Order Cancellation/Return policy stated above. 

2c. Installation - Vertical Lifts & Incline Lifts. Installation not included unless stated otherwise. Customer is responsible for installation, whether they choose to do it themselves or hire a 3rd party contractor. Customer is responsible for following all local codes and laws governing the installation of a mobility lift.  Official manufacturer’s written instructions are included with shipment. 

3. DAMAGED GOODS.  If shipment arrives in a damaged condition, customer must call Discount Mobility Store at 772-232-7987 within 24 HOURS of receipt for damaged goods to be covered by freight insurance. Damaged goods will be replaced by the manufacturer within a typical period of 3-5 business days from when the damage was reported. This is a typical timetable only and not a guarantee. Vertical Lift replacements may take longer. Cost of shipping the replacement item will be covered by the manufacturer. If the manufacturer deems it necessary to return the damaged item, they will arrange and cover the cost of freight.

4. MANUFACTURER'S STANDARD PARTS WARRANTY.  Refer to product pages for specific warranty information. All warranties begins from date of receipt of goods.  Warranty is not transferrable. All warranties cover parts only. Labor not included.

5. WARRANTY EXCLUSIONS. Manufacturers' warranties do not apply to problems arising due to improper installation, tampering, failure to properly follow installation or operating instructions, negligence, misuse, abuse, accident, fire, theft, vandalism, natural disaster, normal wear and tear, absence of suitable surge protector or any other reason beyond our control.

6. MAXIMUM WEIGHT CAPACITY.  The maximum weight capacity of any product sold by Discount Mobility Store must not be exceeded.  Any and all warranties will become void if weight capacity is exceeded at any time during ownership.

7. LOCAL ORDINANCES.  Compliance with local ordinances pertaining to the installation of a mobility lift (i.e. stairlift, vertical lift, incline lift) may be required in certain states/municipalities. Purchaser is responsible for ascertaining whether such if any ordinances exist and complying with same whether the unit purchased is installed by purchaser or a third party.

8. TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE.   For technical assistance, please call Discount Mobility Store at 772-232-7987 or contact us by email at and we will  refer you directly to the appropriate manufacturer for technical assistance.  Most malfunctions can be successfully diagnosed and remedied by telephone. If it is determined that a replacement part is needed, arrangements will be made for appropriate parts to be sent to customer according to the terms of the warranty in effect at the time of malfunction, after which customer is responsible for installing replacement parts.

9. THIRD PARTY SERVICE.  If customer decides to consult with or hire a third party in an attempt to diagnose or correct any perceived or known problem, the customer assumes responsibility for any costs incurred.  Discount Mobility Store is not responsible for any costs incurred to a third party without its expressed written consent.  If customer requests that a service technician be dispatched to assist with installation/service issues, customer will be responsible for any applicable charges unless other arrangements are agreed upon in writing from Discount Mobility Store.

10. RAIL LENGTH/LIFT HEIGHT.  Discount Mobility Store is not responsible for insufficient or excess rail sections shipped to purchaser due to improper measurement of stairway length.  In the event rail shipped to customer is too short or too long due to improper measurement provided to Discount Mobility Store at time of order, customer will be responsible for any costs incurred to obtain correct rail length.  

Discount Mobility Store is not responsible for incorrect lift height measurements for vertical lift installations. In the event that a vertical lift shipped to the customer cannot accommodate the lift height requirements due to incorrect measurements supplied by the customer at time of order,  customer will be responsible for any costs incurred to obtain the correct lift tower.

11. FLORIDA RESIDENTS ONLY  Purchaser of a mobility lift (i.e. stairlift, vertical lift, incline lift, etc.) delivered to a Florida address must supply (by mail or fax) to Discount Mobility Store within 30 days of receipt of stairlift a prescription or letter (copy is acceptable) from a duly licensed Florida physician indicating medical need of stairlift in order for purchaser to be exempted from Florida State Sales Tax.  If the above document is not received from purchaser within 30 days of receipt of shipment, purchaser will be responsible for applicable Florida Sales Tax and charged accordingly.

12. SHIPPING.  Stairlifts sold for self-installation are typically shipped within 2-4 business days via UPS or FedEx. Tracking will be provided via email once order is shipped. Stairlifts sold for professional installation are typically shipped with 1-2 weeks via common carrier. Tracking will be provided via email. Vertical lifts and incline lifts are typically shipped within 4-6 weeks via common carrier. Tracking is provided via email. Lead times are estimates only and cannot be guaranteed.

Safety Shelter Terms & Conditions 

SHELTER SPECIFICATIONS – The Hide-Away Tornado/Safety Shelters has been designed in accordance with FEMA 321/350 and ICC-500 standards, tested and certified by the National Wind Institute at Texas Tech University to withstand EF-5 tornadoes, certified by ATSA.  

WARRANTY - The manufacturer warrants this product against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of FIVE (5) YEARS from shipment date. Full warranty terms available on request. 

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE – Questions about installation or other technical matters are to be directed to the manufacturer by calling 1-877-378-4275. 

INSTALLATION – By others. Not included in price. Instructions provided. Customer is responsible for proper installation as specified in the included installation manual. Factory assistance by phone/email available at no charge. Installation available in some areas. Please inquire.  

CONCRETE PAD REQUIREMENTS – For indoor installations – 4” deep 4000psi steel reinforced pad. Outdoor installations – 8” deep, 4000psi steel reinforced pad with minimum 12” footers in at least all 4 corners, pad dimensions to be at least 12” greater than shelter area on all sides. Customer assumes all responsibility and liability if the shelter is not installed on the appropriate concrete pad. 

SHIPPING – Orders are shipped to nearest carrier terminal for customer pick-up unless customer selects the 'Residential delivery w/ lift gate' option. This option means the driver will lower the unit to the ground at the end of the driveway. Customer is responsible for transporting the shelter to the install site. Customer is advised that the steel plates are very heavy, some up to 452 lbs. Customer is responsible for providing the appropriate manpower to transport/move the plates as necessary while exercising all necessary safety precautions. 

ORDER CANCELLATION/RETURN POLICY - All sales are final.  No cancellation and/or return of order will be accepted once payment has been received and order has been processed. Order is considered 'processed' once the manufacturer has initiated processing or has placed an order with their vendors for parts necessary to complete/manufacture order. If cancellation is requested after placing an order, but before it is processed, credit card fees of 3% of the original transaction and 3% of the refund transaction will be applied against a refund of the purchase price.



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